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vendredi 3 juin 2011

Artistes - Japingka Gallery - Australian Aboriginal Art

Current Exhibition

Julalikari Artists - Gallery2 May 20, 2011 - Jun 29, 2011 Tennant Creek artists Peggy Jones, Flora Holt, Lindy Brody and Susan Nelson make whimsical observations of their world in and around Tennant Creek along the Stuart Highway between Alice Springs and Darwin. In these paintings are images of country - bush medicine and bush tucker, birds and animals, soakages and ceremonies. Then there are images of the mission church, biblical stories, and images of modernity - family events with Toyotas and station wagons, road trains and the railway line. The artists are represented by Julalikari Arts Centre, operating as a regional hub for the Barkly region, a huge expanse of nearly 300,000 square km between the tropical Top End and the arid Red Centre in the Northern Territory.

Yinjaa-Barni Artists - Gallery1 2011 May 20, 2011 - Jun 29, 2011 Yinjaa-Barni Artists continue to refine and re-define the nature of their art and the images of their homelands. Located in coastal Roebourne in Western Australia's Pilbara district, the country here spreads beyond the Fortescue River in an otherwise arid region of breakaway hills. Amongst the harsh environment are moments of pure creation - hidden gorges with cool water, seeds and flowers bursting out after rain. These moments belong to the great Creation stories of the Marrga, which refer to the Thalu or Increase Sites where the spirits of all the elements of the living world are re-invigorated. These are the subjects for the artists, whose exhibition is presented in association with Yinjaa-Barni Art Centre.

What's New

la suite

Betty Mbitjana (Mpetyane) - autralian aborigenal art
Betty Mbitjana (Mpetyane)
top right

Jap 006511
bottom left
bottom right

Betty Mbitjana (Mpetyane) | Awelye and Bush Melon | Jap 006511

Anna Petyarre
top right

Jap 004637
bottom left
bottom right

Anna Petyarre | River Bed Country | Jap 004637

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