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samedi 24 septembre 2011

Artistes Rroms - Roma Media Archive

Roma Media Archive is an ongoing participatory media project to which the Roma and non-Roma artists, activist organisations and communities are invited to contribute various documentary and art materials that reflect the contemporary Roma situation today. The contributions vary from photography series, video documentaries, art performances, research projects and other digital materials that reflect on certain urgent issues related to specific events or to the general situation in regard various Roma communities in Europe or in other parts of the world.

This project was originally initiated by Suzana Milevska, a theorist and curator, who is based in Skopje, Macedonia. She has invited a worldwide range of participating artists, to share their archives, as testimonials of their research endeavours, in solidarity with the Roma people.

Most of the Gypsy population of Clejani, a village located some 50 km away from Bucharest, traditionally consists of musicians going back for many generations. The film shows how the musicians relate to daily life and the way their perception of reality influences their music. A firm belief in superstitions, the unavoidable blows of fate and communication with the dead, become the sources of inspiration and expression, of joy and sorrow. Alexandra Gulea’s unconventional documentary takes us on a musical journey to the origins of Romanian gypsy music.

Alexandra Gulea, Romania
Born in Bucharest, 1970. Studies: 1990 - Fine arts, Bucharest; 1997- ‘cum laude’ Diplom at "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts " Paris, 1999; documentary film at Munich Film School. Director Documentary: 2000, ”Anonim"- 11'; 2004,"Dumnezeu la saxofon, Dracu la vioara"- 45'; 2007 "Azi eram Frumoasa, Juna"- 52'. Director Fiction: 2001,'The fourth wall"- 17', with Werner Schroeter; 2003, 'Hacker', 5 x 52 min. TV; 2012, “Child-Miner”- 100’ Prizes: Prize fff bayern, Munich DFF, German Short Film Prize, Golden Key, Kassel DFF, Best Student Film, Molodist, Ukraine, DAAD Prize, Germany, Prix du Film Long, Les Ecrans Documentaires, France, u.a

We, united artists from the entire world, painters, poets, playwrights, actors, filmmakers, photographers, cartoonists, dancers, musicians, sculptors and singers, are against Romaphobia and any other expression of hatred against human beings.

We don't believe in the simplifications that lie at the bottom of stereotypes and the practice of scapegoating. All people are different but equal. That is no contradiction but a condition for justice.

Feel free to visit our sites and links. There is enough to be seen and read to pass interesting hours. And maybe you consider the uniting topics in our work that important that you prefer live concerts, performances, exhibitions and lectures, or a combination of these… At school, university, in organizations and institutions. Also for media this site is a source of culture and information. Famous scholars support the Artists' Initiative. They can give professional advices and contribute themselves.

Contact our site and let's discuss the options!
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