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lundi 10 février 2014

Carl Heyward, artist/writer



Carl Heyward, artist/writer
Le retrouver sur Facebook
Interview with Carl Heyward
A shorthand of desire: THE ART OF KATRIEN DE BLAUWER
contact :

Carl Heyward, brasseur, agitateur – un regard éloigné, une rencontre étonnante

J’ai rencontré Carl Heywards il y a peu de temps. Il est arrivé, à un carrefour de FB, dans l’espace arpenté par les artistes, un lieu différent aux multiples corridors, où des artistes tissent ...
Il est apparu tel une tempête, avec à ses côtés des centaines d’artistes dont il collecte, publie, raconte le travail. Des artistes qu’il interroge dans la trame de leur art avec divers projets qui impliquent une spontanéité et une ouverture.* Il a un talent/expérience/ parcours reconnu, mais il semble proche des artistes émergents qu’il rencontre au travers de ses expériences collectives.

Carl Heywards n’est pas un artiste narcissique, il écoute et partage. Il ouvre des chemins. Remue les territoires endormis.

Son travail porte aussi en lui cette ouverture. Placé au carrefours des cultures, son travail raconte le métro, la route, les combats. La force de l'art dans la toumente.puis l'ouverture. Au travers d’une oeuvre sensible ou le passé parle aussi, au travers de papiers et matières qu’il collecte. Où le questionnement rencontre le jeu, démonte les artifices.
Il semble qu’il soit un vrai passeur. Pour les autres et dans son œuvre.

carol shapiro 30 aout 2013

Carl Heyward: brewer, agitator - a distant look

I met Carl Heyward recently. He arrived at a crossroads of FB in the area surveyed by the artists, a different place with many corridors, where artists weave and stir and conjure.

He came like a storm, and at his side, hundreds of artists he collects, publishes, and supports in a variety of projects. He has involved diverse artists in various creative projects that involve spontaneity and openness. Heyward is an established artist, his talent is widely recognized, but he remains close to emerging artists he's met through his collective experiences and continues to nurture.

Carl Heyward is not a narcissistic artist, he listens and shares. He opens paths; awakens sleeping territories .

His work places him squarely in the center of this opening. Placed at the crossroads of cultures, his work speaks of the metro, the road, of conflict, of the topical and the ethereal. The power of art is the testament and is the opening. His is a sensitive work where the past speaks through papers, hands, glue, gestures and in the materials he collects.

He seems to be a true traveler, a transporter of time moving through meaning and imagery.

Translation Carl Heywards

Une question, pour mieux rencontrer...

You work in various projects that connect artists from around the world through social networks and beyond. I have seen your activity starts beautiful circulations.? I feel that connect people in the movement is part of your artistic work. Standing relationship "between" is an open space where your work is created. Can you tell us more?

Carl Heyward :I am energized by the reciprocal process of giving and to receive...energized in that I am constantly learning new techniques, new media, new ways to see, learning and growing and by sharing that enthusiasm I continue to grow, and not just as an artist, but as a human being.
After many years of image making I begin to see the connection between seeing, doing, thinking; that the execution of a concept is dependent upon numerous factors that can combine seamlessly to produce a work that is informed by intellectual, psychic, moral, spiritual even political ambitions because all of these factors and more are elements of reality and shared experience filtered through subjective perception and selection; of choice and sensitivity...of seeing and being.
I feed off the energy of collaborative investigation, the seeking is the object; technical excellence is of course important, but the act of gathering and respecting the place of connection at various levels of accomplishment is both humbling and rewarding.
Perhaps I am a social hermit; one who values the virtues of absolute solitude and personal isolation while simultaneously drawn to the benefit of selective group interaction, just another conflicted human being, actually...

Carl Heyward August, 2013
san francisco


LES PROJETS avec des plasticiens écrivains du internationaux réunis via FB et autres..

Ses projets sur fb. mail art "secousses" KNEE (jerk) fragmentation PROJECT (mail art) PHASE II
Voir les travaux

et"spon", works on progress sur la "rêverie"

During the past four years spontaneous combustion language/image lab has reached a number of artists, musicians, writers and those interested in the development of the arts through exposure of emerging and established artists in diverse media
reminder of the spon mission: process, stream-of-consciousness, works-in-progress, experiment, question, take a risk, pass it on we ask your continued participation, collaboration and witness ..

Au cours des quatre dernières années, le laboratoire de combustion spontanée a atteint un certain nombre d'artistes, musiciens, écrivains et ceux qui s'intéressent au développement des arts à travers une exposition d'artistes émergents et établis dans divers medias
Rappel de la mission spon: processus, flux-de conscience, les travaux en cours, expérience, question, prennent un risque, transmettent.
Nous demandons votre participation, collaboration et témoignage ..

Les travaux Spon

Tous les travaux des artistes participants


artist/writer in San Francisco;
exhibited mixed-media paintings and artists’ books internationally;

collected by institutions and individuals:
The Sackner Archives, Califia Books, The New Museum of Art (NY), SF Museum Modern Art Library, SF Art Institute, SF Academy of Art University, Yale University Art Library, The Australian National Gallery and Sonoma County Museum of Modern Art ; taught History of Art Criticism

Film /Video Production

Thesis Writing & Presentation@SF Academy of Art University MFA Program;
Artspeak ABC TV and Viacom SF, interviews and conversation with performance demonstrations. Artspeak distributed by MWF Video NY@Video Data Bank Rochester School of Art.
His work in performance includes collaborative grants New Performance, National Endowment for the Arts; Rene Yanez /Fusion Visual Theater.
Arts interviews include Diamonda Galas, Frank Zappa, Carolee Schneemann (Interventions and Imaging Her Own Erotics/ Art Papers interviews), The Dark Bob, Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Karen Finley, John Sex, Luis Valdez (High Performance interview/The Citizen Artist) and John Giorno.
Work in print & electronic journalism: appearances in Rolling Stone, Artweek, Artscribe International, SF Bayview Newspaper, Art Com, Metier. Served on Advisory Board Artists’ Television Access, SF Art Institute’s Artists’ Committee; alternate for the California Arts Commission and received an NEA Arts Administration Fellowship
Exhibited at Bonnafont Gallery, SF (new mixed-media works) July 2011 and SHATTERED exhibition at Marin MOCA curated by arts critic Kenneth Baker; exhibited in Italy: BUS PORTRAITS April 2013 Garage 21 Ceglie Mesapica ;DOUBLE SOLO EXHIBITIONS: Mixed-Media Works at Scaramuzza Contemporary Arts in Lecce curated by Monica Lisi; Two-person exhibition with Crane at Pambula, New South Wales in 2015: ZIMBABWE (two-step); THE DRAWING BOX exhibitions in Mumbai, Ireland and other international sites; travels KNEE(jerk) FRAGMENTATION Project in 2015.


Out with the color, bring on the gray
Leah Garchik
Public transportation gets around, even to Europe. "Bus Portraits," a show of works shot on Muni by San Francisco artist Carl Heyward, will be at the Garage 21 gallery in Ceglie Messapica, Italy, in April. Some of the portraits were made from the back; others are face forward. But most of the subjects, says the photographer, "were not aware that they were being photographed, which I believe is essential to the integrity of these honest, candid and unguarded works." (This statement, of course, does not apply to Muni's own cameras, capturing moving images of everyday life onboard.) Says the artist, "I am struck by the adamant presence of solitude, the demand for a sense of safety and distance even when we are stacked one upon the other on public transit."
Heyward is hoping to show them one day in a San Francisco gallery


busportzit 2.jpg




jackie-robinson-w-ibs 2013-04-24_15.18.14.jpeg



Interview de Carl Heywards par Claudio Parentela

q)For the people who don't know your work - how would you describe it ?

I am a mixed-media artist with an interest in juxtaposition of imagery and themes through various media; there is something appealing to me in the combination of fractured or fragmented images that coalesce into something new and different especially in that the "rough-edges" of the units have meaning and can't be broken down any further as "morpheme" in language; these visual units are then put together with other, often dissimilar, morphemes producing something between the lines, so to speak; an alchemy beyond intention; the parts not distilled, but united with other units of visual meaning, information producing a higher plane of communication.

q)What are the key themes running through your practice?

Ethnicity, topical items, separation, exclusion, cultural absurdities, language-based gestures, art history what's in the news at the moment or on my mind; there is a great pleasure in improvisation which recalls my musical youth playing in all sorts of situations, the most satisfying being

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